Change the Way You Grill

No matter where you live, you can now enjoy the delicious taste of BBQ thanks to our amazing grills, even if you live in an apartment or condos that restricts gas and charcoal grills on balconies or patios.

Versatile Grilling

Kenyon offers the only grills that are UL approved for both indoor and outdoor use! Not only that, but our grills also come with a portable design, convenient carrying handles, and ample cooking space - making it easy for you to whip up a delicious meal from the comfort of your kitchen or while you relax outside.

Kenyon Grills are designed to transfer heat rapidly from the concealed electric element, providing you with the taste and look of high-quality gas grills. You won't have to worry about open flames leaving any unwanted materials or chemicals on your food! Imagine the delicious meals you can whip up with Kenyon Grills-your taste buds will thank you!

The Finest in Quality and Performance

User-Friendly Design

A patented design, which places the heating element in a channel of the grill grate, providing direct heat transfer.

Grill Year-Round

Grilling your favorite food has never been easier and safer as Kenyon Electric Grills are flameless.

Powerful Performance

Cooking grate temperature exceeds 550˙F. Achieve the results you want for any kinds of grilled food.

City Grill®


Designed with urban living in mind to exceed the requirements of city fire codes where open flame grilling is prohibited.

G2 Grill


Grill family-sized meals, indoors or outdoors. The Kenyon G2 Grill combines the performance you would expect from a much larger grill with the convenience of portability. Compact, innovative design allows grilling almost anywhere.

Frontier Portable Grill


The Frontier Grill has an angled double lined lid which locks in the heat while keeping the exterior of the lid from becoming searing hot, a great feature for those with curious kids!

Texan Grill


The flagship of Kenyon’s grills at twice the size of the standard grills, the Texan has dual heat control to provide precision cooking.

G2 Grill + Stand


This beautiful package includes everything needed to get grilling anywhere you have a 120V outlet.

Frontier Portable Grill IntelliKEN Touch™


Waterproof IntelliKEN Touch™ control integrates swipe technology with user-friendly features such as Precision Control (PC) and Direct Temperature Feedback (DTF).