Recreational vehicles, or RVs, are designed to let people enjoy the great outdoors while still partaking of many of the comforts of home. As experienced RVers will tell you, knowing the right RV hacks can make a huge difference in the amount of fun and comfort you experience on your road trips. The Revolution Grill made the list of the nine hacks that no dedicated RV enthusiast should live without.

8. The Revolution Grill

Even if you have a nice kitchen area in your RV, it never hurts to have an extra grill when cooking large meals. Made by Kenyon, the Revolution Grill  is a smokeless and flameless portable grill that can be safely used inside or outside your RV or mobile home using an electrical hookup. Weighing in at only weighs 24 pounds, the Revolution Grill heats up to 600 degrees in only seven minutes, provides 155 square inches of cooking space, and comes with a detachable grate that makes it easy to clean. It’s also easy to store in small spaces, making it an ideal grill for RV enthusiasts.

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