is FINALLY here and it’s time to live up to those promises we made ourselves to eat healthier, workout (for real this time), look better and most importantly, feel better.  And it’s easier than ever to be super motivated when that first week of January rolls in.

With the right tools you can set yourself up for success to lead a healthier lifestyle instead of attempting that quick diet fix we all hope will work but never really does, at least not effectively.

Drink Water 💦

Think you drink enough water? Think again. When it comes to optimal hydration, make sure to follow this simple rule:

Consume half your body weight in fluid ounces of H2O

Example: 150lbs = 75 fl oz

Often when our bodies are lacking water we feel hungrier. You may even find yourself eating far less once you become properly hydrated.

Does drinking water still feel like a chore even though you know the benefits? Infuse fruit like watermelon, strawberry or blueberries for a splash of flavor and touch of sweetness.

Still can’t seem to do it? Try cutting in a low sugar fruit juice, like apple or grape, with an 80:20 water to juice ratio. Or purchase a “timed” water bottle that keeps a book mark of how much you should drink every hour.

7-8 Hours of Sleep 💤

Set an alarm for 1 hour before your newly designated bedtime, say 9pm, to get your pre-sleep rituals started. Power down all electronics early to soothe your eyes before turning in as blue lights emitted from devices can have a major affect on our quality of sleep.

Having trouble falling asleep at night?

  • Drink hot herbal teas (like Chamomile or Kava) with honey and a slice of lemon. The lemon will aid in digestion so you’ll have a better start, ahem, to your morning and the herbs will help to calm your nervous system preparing your body for relaxation.
  • Stretching your hamstrings, back and shoulders nightly will help release tension built up from your busy day and will signal your body to shut down, helping you fall into a regenerative sleep. 
  • Make sure your room is set to a cooler temperature during the night. Put the thermostat on a schedule so this automatically happens.
  • Power Down- The soft blue glow from a cell phone, tablet, or digital clock on your bedside table may hurt your sleep. Turn off TVs, computers, and other blue-light sources an hour before you go to bed. Cover any displays you can’t shut off.
  • Try a series of 10 second deep breathing intervals or listen to guided mediation/sleep music to lull yourself into a deep sleep. 

“But it’s the weekend and I want to stay up late/wake up late!” Sure you could, but it won’t do you any good. As we grow older we realize our bodies thrive on a schedule. And you certainly can’t catch up on any missed sleep either. Too much sleep will make you feel groggy and lifeless and so will a lack of sleep. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each and every night, no more and no less.

Meal Planning 📝

Plan ahead and you’ll never find yourself asking “What’s for Dinner tonight?” 

Devise a meal plan in advance of the week ahead. Keep a magnetic notepad on the fridge detailing breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and dessert selections for the entire week. You can also keep a digital version of your list. Once you’ve made your food plan of attack, go through each section and make a shopping list of all the ingredients you’ll need for every meal. Incorporate several of the same ingredients throughout the week to get the most out of your food and your budget (like proteins, salad, rice, fruit, vegetables, and eggs). Prepare and cut-up whatever you can ahead of time so it’s easy to grab and go during the hectic week ahead.

Make sure you stick to the list And ALWAYS eat something before you go into the grocery store!

Just Move It 💪

Dedicate a little time each day, at least 2o minutes, to some form of exercise. Invest in a pedometer to help keep you on track and accountable for your daily required movements,  I.E 10,000 steps per day! And if you sit at a desk all day long you know this is an especially vital habit to get your blood flowing and to boost your metabolism.

Don’t neglect strength training! Weight lifting doesn’t have to be intimidating. No, you don’t have to lift like you’re in competition with everyone else in the gym and yes, woman need to lift weights too.  After all, muscle burns fat!

Start with light weights or whatever weight level feels comfortable but with some added resistance. Slowly but surely increase the weight intervals or your reps as the weeks go on.  DO NOT try to be a hero and lift too much weight too fast or your muscles will pull and tear and soreness will slow you down if not stall your progress. Avoid injury but don’t avoid strength training!

If you find yourself still unsure where to start, schedule a few sessions with a personal trainer to get you going in the right direction. Working out at home?  Watch “how to videos” to make sure you are using correct form and posture. Or find a fitness-minded friend to workout with!

Grill Veggies and Proteins 🍗🍠

Cooking on your grill is a great way to transform healthy foods and proteins into the perfect plate that never feels like a comprise. If you have a Kenyon grill you can keep your grill indoors and accessible on the kitchen counter along with other appliances you’ll need to have ready on the quick, like a blender, so preparation of your meals and snacks will feel almost effortless.

Add an assortment of spices, rubs and marinades to your protein of choice before grilling. Spices can be nutritionally valuable while adding a burst of flavor. Choose fresh or dried spices or get creative and make your own blends to keep on hand. A winter favorite in our household is Tumeric which contains powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, much needed during the cold and flu season.

Healthy Recipes to Make on Your Kenyon Grill:

Shishito Peppers

Salmon & Zucchini 

Steak Fajitas

Blackened Trout Tacos 

Fruit Kabobs

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