On top of buying flowers, jewelry, overpriced cheesy greeting cards, and stuffed animals you’re planning on spending Valentine’s ‘night’ dining out on the town? Why bother going out to eat on one of the most crowded restaurant nights of the year when you can put together your own romantic meal in the comfort of your home with little effort? A handmade candlelit dinner shows the significant other that you care enough to put the effort in.

No matter your level of expertise, an elegant, romantic dinner can easily be made at home. Elevate your ‘home cooking’ to the next level by cooking with a Kenyon grill. Steaks, lobsters, shrimp, fish, chicken, vegetables, and just about any other food you can imagine can be cooked to perfection on any Kenyon All Seasons™ Grill. With easy-to-see and easy-to-change temperatures, premium non-stick coating, and even heating elements, even amateur home-chefs can produce a meal to impress. Toss it on a table with some nice napkins and a few candles, you’re good to go. If you need some inspiration, click here to visit our Pinterest board for some romantic Valentine’s Day recipes.

We’d love to help make the night special, as well as many more dine-in date nights to come. We’re offering 20% of all grill accessories with promotion code xoxo until Monday, February 17th. Get ready to fall in love with grilling. Look through our line of grills here to see which one suits you best.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect night to dine-in, unless, you prefer the crowded restaurants, higher prices, and cheesy pink heart decorations. Do yourself a favor and save the going-out date night for the 15th, otherwise known as “75% off Valentine’s Candy Day.” For the 14th, stay at home with your loved one and Cook with Kenyon.

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