featured an article, written by Suzanne Owens, Kenyon’s Vice President of Sales, about green & sustainable cooking options for extended stay hospitality.

To meet this demand and capture the opportunity, many hoteliers are converting from limited service to extended stay.  New hotel construction, while quite limited, is for extended stay properties. Additionally, many existing extended stay properties are renovating to keep their suites clean and more appealing.  And along with this comes opportunities for better technologies especially as it relates to the 2-burner cooktop typically found in the guestroom kitchenette.

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Polenta with Strawberries

With Valentine’s Day approaching, many lovers will share a romantic dinner, often with a menu that involves strawberries! Check out these recipes that involve our favorite plump, red heart shaped fruit! 🍓

Grilled Bagel Breakfast Toasts

Topped with fresh fruit, these yummy grilled bagels are topped with a rich lemon mascarpone spread.




french-toastGrilled Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast

This yummy breakfast French toast can also be served as a quick and simple dessert.






Grilled Fruit Dark Chocolate Fondue

Grilled Fruit Dark Chocolate Fondue

Grilling fruit intensifies their flavor, making it the perfect dipper for a dark chocolate fondue.






A golden crust compliments a creamy center in this heavenly grilled Italian-style dessert.

❤️Check out our full Valentine’s Dinner Date Menu! ❤️

That’s right…we are on TikTok! The social media platform that is used to make a variety of short-form videos, from genres like dance, comedy, and education, is now a platform for us and others to show off their Kenyon Grilling skills!


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Even if the stadium looks different this year you can still have a fun time watching the game at home. Tackle your at home viewing party menu and get ready to score some serious points with these touchdown worthy, sizzling grilled snacks for game day home tailgating at its finest.


Pub-Style Chicken Wings with Avocado Ranch Dipping Sauce

Hot chicken wings are grilled for the ultimate in crispy deliciousness, then dipped into a fresh avocado ranch sauce for a cool contrast.

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Tacos

All the spicy goodness of Buffalo wings and blue cheese but in a taco shell!  (minus the sticky fingers)


The Perfect Burger

What’s more American than a football game with some juicy burgers? Try this touchdown-worthy burger recipe and customize with your favorite toppings!

Baby Back Ribs

Grilling baby back ribs seems intimidating but it’s really easy with our simple recipe.  In a few short steps you’ll be enjoying fall-off-the-bone masterpieces.

Grilled Steak Fajitas

These fresh and colorful grilled steak fajitas are a fiesta on a plate!

grilled potato skins

Grilled Potato Skin Rounds

Who doesn’t love cheese, potatoes and bacon?! Combine the 3 and it’s a trifecta of perfection in your mouth. These grilled little slices of cheesy-bacon potato heaven make for a great appetizer.


Mike Williams

Mike Williams has been with Kenyon International for over 8 years, providing him with extensive knowledge of the sales and manufacturing world. Kenyon Grills, located in Connecticut, began as a small manufacturer of aviation and marine instruments in 1931 — as business developed they led the way with the breakthrough development of ceramic glass cooktops for the high seas, becoming the standards for yachts around the world. The popularity led to the creation of models that can be enjoyed in homes. Kenyon’s products are all locally handcrafted, with the company itself being one of the largest manufacturer in North America of two burner ceramic glassware cooktops and electric grills. Through William’s expertise, Kenyon continues to surpass challenging engineering concepts to create innovative cooking experiences.


Check out Mike’s full interview on Authority Magazine and Thrive Global.


HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2021…is FINALLY here!!!

After months of quarantining/staying home and baking banana bread, many of us are eager to hit the reset button. It’s time to live up to those promises we made to ourselves and eat healthier, workout, and most importantly feel better. Now more than ever, we are all focusing on the importance of leading healthy lifestyles to maintain strong immune systems.  It’s easier than ever to be super-motivated when that first week of January rolls around.

With the right tools, you can set yourself up for success, and instead of attempting that quick-fix diet (that never really works), we can find success following these simple tips;

Drink Water

Think you drink enough water? Think again. When it comes to optimal hydration, be sure to follow this simple rule:

Consume half your body weight in fluid ounces of H2O

Example: 150lbs = 75 fl oz

Often, when our bodies are lacking water, we feel even more hungry than we normally do. You may even find yourself eating far less once you become properly hydrated.

Level up your resolution by trying some healthy add-ins like fresh lemon or lime, fruit, or cucumber.

7-8 Hours of Sleep

Many of us are forced to stay home right now, which means more time on social media and watching TV. You might find yourself sleeping later and waking up groggy. Sleep is like any healthy habit: consistency is key.

Having trouble falling asleep at night?

  • Set a specific bedtime in your mind. Doing so gives your brain and body a little mental feedback on your body’s internal clock will start winding down. The more you keep a “bedtime routine,” the more your brain and body can recognize when it’s time to shift gears.
  • Drink hot herbal teas (like Chamomile or Kava) with honey and a slice of lemon. The lemon aids in digestion so you’ll have a better start to your morning and the herbs will help to calm your nervous system preparing your body for relaxation.
  • Stretching your hamstrings, back, and shoulders nightly will help release tension built up from your busy day.  This will also signal your body to shut down, helping you fall into a regenerative sleep.
  • Make sure your room is set to a cooler temperature during the night. Program your thermostat so this happens automatically.
  • Power Down- The soft blue glow from a cell phone, tablet, or digital clock on your bedside table may hurt your sleep. Turn off TVs, computers, and other blue-light sources an hour before you go to bed. Cover any displays you can’t shut off.
  • Try a series of 10 second deep-breathing excercises or listen to guided mediation or calming music that will lull you into a deep sleep.

Meal Planning

Plan ahead and you’ll never find yourself asking “What’s for Dinner tonight?” 

We are all spending more time in the kitchen cooking, so it’s important to devise a meal plan in advance so you can make fewer trips to the grocery store. Keep a magnetic notepad on the fridge detailing breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and dessert selections for the entire week. You can also keep a digital version of your list on your phone. Once you’ve made your food plan of attack, go through each section and make a shopping list of all the ingredients you’ll need for every meal. Incorporate several of the same ingredients throughout the week to get the most out of your food and your budget (like proteins, salad, rice, fruit, vegetables, and eggs).

Just Move It

Dedicate a little time each day, at least 2o minutes, to some form of exercise. Invest in a pedometer to help keep you on track and accountable for your daily required movements,  I.E 10,000 steps per day! If you are working from home this is an especially vital habit to get your blood flowing and to boost your metabolism.

Don’t neglect strength training! Weight lifting doesn’t have to be intimidating. No need to go crazy, just get a small set of hand weights you can use at home.  After all, muscle burns fat! Watch “how to videos” to make sure you are using correct form and posture.

Grill Veggies and Proteins

Cooking on your grill is a great way to transform healthy foods and proteins into the perfect plate that never feels like a comprise. If you have a Kenyon grill you can keep your grill indoors and accessible on the kitchen counter along with other appliances you’ll need to have ready on the quick, like a blender, so preparation of your meals and snacks will feel almost effortless.

Add an assortment of spices, rubs and marinades to your protein of choice before grilling. Spices can be nutritionally valuable while adding a burst of flavor. Choose fresh or dried spices or get creative and make your own blends to keep on hand. A winter favorite of our’s is Tumeric which contains powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, much needed during the current pandemic.

Healthy Recipes to Make on Your Kenyon Grill:

Grilled Zucchini & Portobello Steaks with Sun-dried Tomato Aioli

Serve as an appetizer, side, or main dish… you’ll want to slather this sun-dried tomato aioli all over it!

Grilled Cauliflower Steak Pizzas

For a healthy and yummy vegetarian dinner, this fun take on pizza is made with thickly sliced cauliflower as the crust.

Grilled Salmon with Zucchini

Our go-to recipe for grilled salmon which tastes fresh and delicious.  A simple meal that is ready in just 20 minutes.

Steak and Asparagus

This easy weeknight dinner cooks entirely on the grill and takes less than half an hour to make.  If asparagus is out of season, substitute for grilled romaine or another one of your favorite vegetables.


The start of 2021 is very different from any beginning of a New Year we have ever experienced, but don’t give up on hope. Have faith, stay strong, and know good things and better times are on their way! 

sea ray

As part of Sea Ray’s Seas & Greetings virtual event series, they invited Kenyon for a cooking session. Get in the holiday spirit as you learn how to make fluffy gingerbread eggnog pancakes topped with sweet-tart cranberry compote and a dollop of nutmeg whipped cream.

Click here for Gingerbread Eggnog Pancakes recipe.

Chef Kab and his wife Sophal try indoor grilling with a Kenyon City Grill. Watch them grill up BBQ Chicken, Steak, Kabobs, and even make breakfast.



all recipes

Looking for some gift giving inspiration for the chef in your life? Check out our Texan Grill + Stand featured in Allrecipes wow-worthy cooking gifts for guys!

“Made to be the ultimate option for the grill master in your life, the Kenyon Texan + Stand electric grill is designed to include a workspace for prep, cooking, and even serving”


Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.

Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

“If you’re a dedicated prepper, you’ve already got your bug-out bag, coronavirus prepping and pandemic prepping sorted out, with shelves full of rice and beans and bottles of water and gasoline. But for the rest of us, those trying to keep living our fairly normal lives while stuck at home, the stuff that can help us stay happier and more comfortable through the coming fall and winter months looks a little bit different.”

“The Kenyon City Grill is different from its electric peers because it is  a smokeless portable indoor/outdoor grill fully suited for all weather conditions, with  a patented concealed electric element that eliminates flare-ups from dripping fat, and because it is in contact with the grate, it eliminates the random hot and cold spots typical of gas grills, giving you more consistent temperature control. It also heats up very quickly, reaching 500° in less than 5 minutes and 600° in less than ten. The grate itself is non-stick and ideal for delicate fish or veggies, but still gives the colorful grill marks many cooks covet, and is dishwasher safe, as is the removable lid, while a disposable drip tray completes the easy clean up…”

Read the full article of Forbes here