Kenyon Kitchen Skill is a new grilling resource available in the Alexa Skills store for Amazon devices. Set up the Alexa Skill on the device you use most often to receive cookout advice through simple voice commands.



Put your Amazon Echo or other smart device designed to work with or connect to Alexa in your kitchen and just ask Alexa for grilling tips, tricks, and recipes!

Alexa skills add new capabilities that allow you to create a more personalized experience with your Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, and other Alexa-enabled devices. You can use the Kenyon Kitchen skill to ask Alexa where to get started when first using your new grill or for finding the right setting or temperature to cook a variety of meats and veggies. Whether it’s your first time using an electric grill or you are simply looking for a quick tip, this skill will provide pertinent information as you grill or cook with any of Kenyon’s grills or cooktops.


To enable Kenyon Kitchen skill you can say, “Alexa, enable Kenyon Kitchen” to your Alexa.


To enable Kenyon Kitchen skill in the Alexa app:

-From the menu, select Skills & Games.

-Find a skill you want to use, and then select it to open the skill detail page

-Select Enable Skill, or ask Alexa to open the skill.

nathaniel Manuel

To get started, just say “Alexa, open Kenyon Kitchen” then once open, “Where do I start?”

Also try:

What is the best setting to cook (steak, chicken, burgers, veggies, and more!)

How do I clean my grill?

Is it better to have the lid open or closed for grilling?

What is the internal temperature for (rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, well done)

Enable Kenyon Kitchen

What is Alexa?

Amazon Alexa lives in the cloud and is always getting smarter, delivering new capabilities to your device automatically. The more you use Alexa, the more Alexa adapts to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and preferences, with new features continually being added. Ask Alexa to answer questions, hear the news, get weather and traffic reports, control your smart home, and more.

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