Here are a few simple steps you can take to ensure you years of world-class grilling:


Insert a drip tray into the bottom of the grill. Make sure the burner brackets are not resting on the drip tray.

Always fill the drip tray with 2 cups of liquid. Water is fine, but why not try something fun like beer! You can also try using apple juice if you are grilling pork, it adds a nice flavor to the meat. A can of lime soda is wonderful if you are grilling fish. Just remember to always add liquid to the drip tray prior to grilling. (Do NOT use flammable liquid) Then reinstall the cooking grate or griddle.

Depending on the model, plug your grill directly into an outlet, do not use extension cords.

Preheat the grill with the lid closed for 5 – 7 minutes on desired heat setting for type of food.

Use only high temp plastic utensils when grilling so they will not scratch the non-stick coating of cooking grates. You can purchase a set of our high-quality stainless steel with high temperature nylon here.

Close lid and cook. Enjoy the best grilled food you have ever tasted!

Once your grilling session is complete, grab a wet paper towel and wipe down your grate using tongs. 

Once cool, place grate/griddle in the dishwasher if needed along with the dirty dishes so that it’s ready for its next tour of duty! (Click here to learn more about taking care or your grate & griddle)


Learn to Grill the Basics:




T-Bone Steak

Hot Dogs


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