SilKEN® Mats

Our SilKEN® silicone mats are engineered for quick clean up and are changing the way people think about cooking. Use them on any induction cooktop to protect and insulate the cooking surface. These silicone mats are dishwasher safe and grip pots and pans firmly without interfering with the cooking process.

  • Model #: A80002

Why You’ll Love It…

  • High-gloss mats
  • Made of environmentally-friendly, high-temperature cooking grade silicone
  • Fit to any Kenyon induction cooktop
  • Grip pots and pans firmly
  • Dishwasher safe for quick & easy clean up

What Comes With It…

  • Includes 2 Mats: one 7” (180mm) round mat & one 9 ½” (241mm) round mat